Daytrading: concepts, classification and types

Daytrading is basically an active trading style where Daytrader daily trades a number of trades. However, different types of daytraders can also be classified on the basis of the different trading styles (concepts), since not everyone follows the same strategy. Over the course of time, various Daytrader personalities have developed, which have one thing in common: They Social Trading review are very active and above all well-informed. Some of them are described in more detail below.

Classic Daytrader

One of the biggest differences is the number of daily a replacement get trades. Some carry only one trade a day, and others again put tens of trades on different markets. Classic day traders usually start trades directly in the morning, in the hope of taking big daily movements. They often act limited, some only once etoro review and others two to five times a day.

Slow daytraders make only one trade per day or even once a week or once a month. Getradet is here mainly through the intraday charts and not infrequently they close their plus500 review trades only days later. Experts also talk of a swing trading rather than a daytrading. Swing traders trade specific patterns, wait patiently, and run news trading.

Pullback Daytrader / Gap-Daytrader

Another group consists of the so-called IQ Option review pullback traders who make one or three trades per day. These were mainly based on opening courses, price erosion, resistance and support, although the typical gap traders are also in this group. Here we are speculating on the closing of price gaps caused by trade at night. On the other hand, another group is concerned with 24option review the so-called open-range outbreaks. As a rule, the market is looking for a direction at the beginning of the trading day, so that a price range is created in which the prices are strongly moving. Now the trader will wait patiently until a clear direction is shown and the trading range will be abandoned.

The opposite of the trend follower is the contrarian. As a rule, these are “short” at “Kurshochs” and “long” at low prices. Especially in range markets, this concept can work well and sometimes the positions can end very anyoption review quickly in a high profit. However, if a trend changes quickly, it may become difficult because of the high market volatility.

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For this reason, many daytraders use the so-called Copy Trading review pivot points. It is precisely in the foreign exchange markets that peak and reversal points can be identified. Technical indicators or divergences are also used.

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